My name is Lize-Lott Björklund, although people usually call me Lotta.

I'm born in december 1971, I have 2 sisters (Sarah 1980 & Emma 1993) and 2 brothers (Martin 1976 & Christian 1986). I am working at Volvo Cars since 1989, I've been building cars most of my years. The past few years I have been doing quality control on the cars like a new car owner would do.


I have always had cats in my life. In the beginning there was only house cats in my life. I met a new friend at work, she had these wonderful cats. The breed was Norwegian forest cats, I fell in love!

So when she got her first litter in 1990, I bought 2 kittens, I was so happy!


Since then it has been a bunch of kittens born in my breeder name: S*Långängens.

The past few years I have lost the desire to breed, it has not been so many litters in recent years. I still very much enjoy taking my cats to shows and occasionally I have some kittens.


My goal is to breed healty , sweet and good looking cats!


See you ...




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